The Angeleo kennel of leonberger dog is registered with the CKC since January 2006. The breeder, Isabelle Renaud, has experience with leonberger dogs since 2001 when she got Zigo from Louise Juneau, owner of the Fleurdelysée Kennel. Then Isabelle worked with Pauline Labrecque, owner of the Vonlinderhof Kennel, from whom she obtained Chan.

From Chan's first litter, Isabelle kept Sami and Manu. Sami is no more available for breeding now, as well as Santo. They are retired

Chan and Sami are part of the Angéléo Kennel now, and the first representative of this kennel is Santo, born in 2006.

Chan's third and last litter is done since april 2007. Loona , daughter of Chan, had one litter and Leeloo had one litter. We won't have anymore litter.

However our male Mani, is available for breeding for registred kennel only


Our superb leonberger dogs, Sami and Manu

Photo: Our beautiful leonberger dog: Zigo (hidden), Sami and Manu