CH Vonlinderhof Calla de Belluno, Chan


Chan's first litter, May 24th 2004

Vonlinderhof G litter: 12 puppies(6 males and 6 females) including Manu and Sami

Chan our superb leonberger with her first litter

Chan second litter, May 10th 2006

Angeleo A litter : One puppy: Santo

Chan our magnificient leonberger with her son Santo from her second litter

Chan Third litter, April 20th 2007

Angeleo B litter: 8 puppies (4 males and 4 females.

Chan's lovers

Kahulalion Braveheart "Bogie" Toronto Canada -- VONLINDERHOF G litter

Kinderplace Zeus - Belgium -- ANGELEO A litter

Chequamegon's Alberta Clipper "Bubba" -- Toronto Canada -- ANGELEO B litter