CH Vonlinderhof Calla de Belluno, Chan

( Angel)

Date of Birth: July 4th 2001/ 2014
Parents: CH Vonlinderhof Alexandra Lysel (Alex) and Quintilius Varus Löwe v. Osning (Quinti). See her pedigree here.
Weight: 110 pd (50kg)
Height: 28.5 in (72 cm) at shoulders.

Chan finished her Conformation Championship in 2003


Chan is a dominant female, intelligent, energetic, playful, demanding, sweet, wise, obedient (except when she sleeps on the sofa). She's a wonderful devoted mother. She's guardian, prudent and protective of her pack. She loves water and outdoor activities. She's well behaved with people and children; she loves the attention... and the shows.


OFA: Hips: good; Elbows: normal; Heart: normal-specialist
CERF: Eyes: normal-specialist
Thyroid: normal
Polyneuropaty: CLEAR

Chan's litters

Vonlinderhof G litter: 12 puppies including Sami and Manu
Angeleo A litter: 1 puppy: Attila Santo, born May 10th 2006. Father: Zeus Kinder Place of Belgium.
Angeleo B litter: 8 puppies: 4 females and 4 males, born April 20th 2007. Father: Chequamegon's Alberta Clipper. Follow them on the blog

Chan is now retired, her daughter Loona will be the next to continue the line. Loona has to wait until 2009 though to get married.