( Angel)

Zigoto : In french "Strange individual who tries to impress".

Fleurdelysée Athos Enzo Ferrari (09 nov 1996 - 27 oct 2007)
10 years 11 months

Alias: Zigo, Tonton, Lapin, Summum.

Zigo was placed in our family when he was 3.5 years old. He was magnificient and so nice. A great leo. But Zigo was also a thief. He always seems to feel an insecurity about food.
-So on a Leo Party he jumped on a picnic table to steal everybody's lunch...while they were eating.
-He stole our muffins caps...just the caps. He stole half a spaghetti and a meatloaf, and bread on the table and... and... and....
- But what he loved above else was coffee. And when he was in a mission to steal one, you realise the true intelligence a leonberger have. It is subtile, cunning and quite funny.
- He was a great swimmer.
- No other dog have ever looked so cool with an Elizabethan collar. See the proof on picture.
He also loved to steal pieces of clothes: socks, mittens, slippers, anything confortable.

-He did the cover of The Official Section of the Dogs in Canada magazine.
-He never growled, showed his teeths or been mean to anyone or any living creature. He was truly pure of heart.
-Zigo was our first leo, the one who gave us the passion for this race and for breeding. He will always be part of us, he's our logo and an ideal to follow.

-Tradition is important and Zigo made sure that all our leos knows how to track coffee. And in his honor we will always share the holy coffee.

Zigo, the summum of beauty, kindness and organized crime. We'll miss him forever.

"I pour a few tears in my coffee cup this morning and will always remember Zigo for every coffee I'll take in the future." our friend Tibe.

Ciao Baby, come back to us some day.